About NaturallyDeeDee

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Naturallydeedee. This website was created out of my passion to see beautiful melanin kissed beauties embrace their natural hair through education and guidance. Through this website you will find useful information on maintaining your natural hair as well as point you in the right direction of products that will make your natural hair journey and pleasure.

My Journey of Discovery

I started my natural hair journey nearly 8 years ago without a clue of what it would really take to maintain health natural hair. I began my journey like many of you by looking at YouTube videos and then going out to the nearest Walmart, Target or Walgreen to purchase the items that I just saw on the videos, with the hope of getting the same result that I had just witnessed on the video.

What I did not take into account was the type of hair that the models in the videos had. Neither did I take into account what we don’t see off camera, prior to the edited and the big reveal of the final results. Without taking these basic facts into account, in some cases, I found my self disappointed with my result and. Knee-deep in natural hair care products under my bathroom sink that just did not work for my hair.

It’s important  to understand your hair, while videos are designed to give inspiration to the viewer.  Its important to understand the needs of your own natural hair.


My Goal

It is my desire to create useful resources for new comers to the natural hair community, in addition to continue to inspire my long time natural hair beauties. It is no secret that the natural hair game has changed and drastically evolved. Gone is the days of embarrassment because your hair is not bone straight. Natural beauties has proven that we can rock our natural tresses, while dominating in the board room, classroom and in sports. This website will provide reader with valuable resources that continue to help naturalistas to continue to ROCK !




Through the resources provided, it is my hope that the natural stress associated with not knowing what to do to your natural hair turns into excitement. Excitement of discovering new ways of styling your hair that make a statement of who you really are. Your hair is our built on accessory that compliments you by making a statement of confidence and boldness.

All the best,


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