Professional Woman with Natural Hair- Confidently Owning Your Space

For many years women of color have been told that their natural hair is not pretty. As a culture we have embraces derogatory terms such as nappy headed and picky headed to describe our beautiful tresses. I would argue, that knowledge is power, the more you know about a something the more confident one becomes with mastery. This old saying is true with knowledge of your natural hair journey. The more knowledge about your hair and type of products that work best on your hair the more confident you will become with owning your style and embracing the true identity of you through beautiful hair styles. As a professional woman, many women struggled with how to be taken seriously, if they did not look like what the main stream picture of a successful black woman.

It was not until I really embraced myself and everything that came with “me” is when I truly saw myself as “Wonderfully Made. It is important to take a long look in the mirror to and realized the India Arie had a point ” We are not our hair”, hair does not define you. Your hair is an expression of your confidence. You are the strong empowered black woman that has been fearfully and wonderfully made. My hair is my accessory and I wear it to express my uniqueness and my cultural diversity. After coming to self actualization, I began educated myself on my own hair. I began asking what system does my hair like? Which products works well on my hair? Which hair styles do I like the most? Throughout this post I am sharing with you a brief glimse of my journey as a professional to help your to totally embrace your style and uniqueness.

Knowing Your Worth

In the natural hair community, it is so easy to get lost in the vanity of social media and advertisements. As a natural woman, that operated in the business world, it is important to embrace our God given differences. If we fail to embrace the things that make us unique and different, we will forever be caught the trap of self comparison. This type of. comparison rarely ends well for the viewer. As a business woman, I am convinced that not only has my advanced educational training propelled me to the success, that I have reached. But my confidence in me, the total me that makes a statement to others. I believe that the way that I stand with pure confidence owning my space with my textured tresses and professional decorum that commands attention when I walk into a room.

An Original Never a Copy

Your natural hair is and extension of who you are. Never let anyone or any societal impression tell you what you should look like as a professional woman with natural hair. Your hair makes a statement of your confidence that speaks far greater than you can ever verbalize. In the professional space your natural confidence an poise give you and opportunity to make a statement. Take the opportunity that you have as professional to own your space, don’t let anyone’s expectations or even your perceived idea of others expectations hold you to only being a carbon copy. Each day is a new day, drop the pretentious act and make up in your mind today, decide to be an original and not a carbon copy. Be Fierce, Be Bold, BE YOU.

Stepping Out of the Box and Owning YOU

In order to be you, you have to knowledge what you like. What type of natural hair styles do you like the best. What type of styles speaks to you. I remember during my relaxer days, I would find myself at the beauty salon looking in hair magazines and I would always gravitate to the photo of the natural that was sporting a large textures styles that appeared to be own their space. I loved everything about the photo. I liked it so much, that I asked by stylist at the time can you do my hair like this. My stylist would humor me with a laugh and say “darling your hair can’t do that”.

During the time it never dawned to me that my relaxed hair was preventing me from expressing myself the way that I wanted. After doing a little reach, I made the decision to ditch my straight limp damaged hair to embrace my natural elegance. I made the decision to do the transition for a few months and then move to the big chop.

Natural Hair Professional Savvy

As a professional woman across the globe have begun to embrace the true elegance of their natural hair, while advancing in the work place. These naturals have proven that they have much to offer and dare anyone to put them to the test. It is not only the brilliance and professional savvy that naturals in the work place possess, it is also the confidence to be unique and fierce in the process. A professional woman that can stand tall with no apologies for embracing her worth and uniqueness is highly respected and commended. I would again argue, that it is a quality such as this that assist professional naturals to command a second look, in closing the deal.

Natural Grace

So when it comes to your professional stance, don’t be afraid to be uncompromisingly you. Your expertise in your field is worth every penny that you are getting, and more. Your natural style and grace commands the room. Don’t be afraid to be an original rather than a carbon copy of what society says natural women should look like. Be the original that every investor wants and never be ashamed of being who you are in a world full of carbon copies. Your professional stance and confidence screams “Michelle Obama”! I challenge each reader to put your uniqueness to the test. Be the change that others are looking for. It is the demonstrations of courage and grace that other long for.

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